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  1. Remove PP buying

    I do not think that PP should be removed for my sake, it should be removed for the games sake. I believe that PP buying is one of the reasons why the number of players in this game went down, and I'll try to explain why. Even though I do not PK, I think PK makes or brakes this game. Because everything comes down to fighting and making things needed while fighting. If players are less willing to spend money while PK'ing there will be less PK. So I think that the main reason for all the "PK is dead" threads is that people are not willing to spend their money in PK. And why would that be? It's not like fighters have no money, on higher lvl's fighting is the best profit. (and otherwise look at marketplace which kind of players place the highest bids) I suspect that PK'ers would be more willing to spend on PK if PP buying would not exist. The key word in this is competitive, every fighter wants the best possible build to be competitive, meaning that everybody who really wants to be a force to be reckoned with in PK faces a future of endless grinding for GC.
  2. Remove PP buying

    I don't agree on every aspect of your post, but I do agree with the bottom line; remove PP buying. Eventually there will be people with all attibs maxed, how's that for a character build? The longer the situation remains this way the harder is to undo the effects.
  3. Attributes cap for the main server

    Care to explain this line of reasoning? I suspect the fact that you said you're planning to make another "main" server, and even tho that it woudn't be for at least a year it also made me doubt about playing. There go k's of hours of work....
  4. How fast r y00?

    My workconnection....
  5. High level monsters adjustment

    I looked forward to the possible changes with chims with great anticipation, because this could mean the end of my personal fluff/feros era. And with the changes announced i was first suprised that the DCW was adjusted and FC/MC remained the same, while the larger part of this topic is about those two critters and not DCW. But despite that i went off to test the DCW, and I am sorry to say that i returned a little disappointed. If i now make a comparison between a DCW and a feros, feros still wins on ALL fronts. Meaning; more xp per hour, more gc per hour (not counting in drops, as i suspect they will even out) while using far less HE and only needing half the number of flees. And on top of that a smaller risk of armour breakage. In short, feros means making money and nice xp, while DCW costs money and gives less xp. And if I compare it with fluff, i would make a little less xp, but all the other points would still apply.
  6. High level monsters adjustment

    My 2 cents.... I base spawn/monster choice on 3 factors: 1) XP per hour 2) cost/profit in gc, meaning ess/armour break etc are costs, gc and drops are "profit" 3) intensity of training, meaning how relaxed (IRL) training is. Based on these three factors i keep returning to feros/fluff...ill show my comparison between the TRIPLE (and only one in game) rot chim spawn and ANY SINGLE feros/fluff spawn 1) chims in ROT with cut gives good xp per hour, 360k and more (if they dont wander off too much ;P) feros/fluff give significant less xp, varying from 260k on fluff till just over 300k on feros (with my adpc) 2) chims drop more gc each, but cost a lot more HE/AE/SRS and last but not least armour compared to feros/fluff. On top of this is the difference in rare drops, which has been mentioned more than once.... So in total training chims usually costs gc (depending on armour breakage) and fluff/feros means making money. 3) Training feros/fluff is like taking a nap, i can do allmost anything IRL and still make maximum xp. While training in rot on chims is like fighting, meaning little time to eat/drink etc IRL. So purely based on #1 i would choose chims anyday, BUT it is the only spawn of that kind ingame and the rewards (#2) are not worth the efford(#3).
  7. Auctioning some books

    Auctioning the following books: 2 Book of True Sight 2 Book of Crafting Potion 1 Book of Orc Fighting 1 Book of Magic Potion 1 Book of Cyclops Fighting 1 Book of Titanium Molding 1 Book of Potion of Summoning 1 Book of Potion of Physique 1 Book of Invisibility 1 Book of Titanium Smelting 1 Book of Troll Fighting 1 Book of Steel Axe Construction 2 Book of Axe Construction 2 Book of Evasion 1 Book of Titanium Axe Construction 1 Titanium Short Construction I only take offers on the lot, not single books. Starting offer: 5k Minimal increment: 1k Ends: 5 days after post Happy bidding
  8. Voted 1 minute before, but like bck id prefer on the hour. Would it be possible to implement a "You earned xxxx xp this hour" feature? I would love to see that (perhaps as option) in the client
  9. Auctioning 50 Hydro Bars