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  1. Removing dragon items.

    80k for lot 2.
  2. Rayla

    Get over yourself, if you can't handle the risk then don't use a bag.
  3. No drops KF

    I, jowwow, rank 248/161 a/d, solemnly swear that I will go in KF for at least 30 minutes of each day I actually log in the game (24h day). If I don't do that, may I and all my alts be banned for at least a month!
  4. Bot payments

    Then obviously your not very clever
  5. Auctioning off an assortment of stones and enrichables. It's all one batch, all sold together or not sold at all. -5 EFE's -15 EME's -40 Serp stones -12 Binding stones Starting Bid: 370k Buy-it-Now: 500k Bid increments of at least 5k. Current bid: 425k- Mavig. Auction ends: Sunday 8th June; 20:00 UK time. Post here or PM/gossip me ingame. EDIT: I reserve the right to not sell if I don't like the highest bid.
  6. Auction: Stones and Enrichables

    40minutes left, current high bid: 425k- Mavig
  7. Serpent Stones

    Jeepers has 5of them as of 10seconds ago, and has had 4-8ish the last few days. Charn also usually has a couple. Just cause you don't like their prices doesnt mean they don't exist.
  8. Auction: Stones and Enrichables

    28hours left.
  9. Auction: Stones and Enrichables

    3days left.
  10. Auction: Stones and Enrichables

    6days left.
  11. Auction: Stones and Enrichables

    Getting spammy from me 415k private bid.
  12. Auction: Stones and Enrichables

    3rd anonymous bid- 405k
  13. Auction: Stones and Enrichables

    New Private Bid- 400k.
  14. Auction: Stones and Enrichables

    After GC, so no thanks 370k- Private bid.
  15. Mines, and a new perk

    Just fyi, the recipe for detonators produces 10(or so I was told)
  16. EL 170 Pre RC

    Got it installed, works fine. Would much prefer the previous minimap though, or at least an option to disable this rotating one and have the other one.
  17. Auction: Will Removal Stone

    Auctioning a Will Removal Stone. Start Bid: 35k Buy it Now: 50k Auction ends Monday 26th May, 21:00 GMT. Post here or PM me ingame. Jow.
  18. Auction: Will Removal Stone

    Bump. ~9hrs left
  19. wtf @ breakrates

    Gotta give it to ya, you sure are original with the excuses
  20. wtf @ breakrates

    Didn't you quit again anyways?
  21. Find the Link!

    Maybe it's cause it was late and I might have spelt it wrong, but.. :shrug: EDIT: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v110/bic...15/epoillac.jpg try it, doesnt work
  22. Find the Link!

  23. Atlanticiem's Challenge!

    Considering his mag44 and 16will, thats 128hp healed so far. From what I noticed, mag astro goes +/- 8 (could be wrong there). He healed 164hp in his screenie; so that would mean he could be either -7, -2, +3 or +8 astro. So, -7astro= 20reas -2astro= 16reas +3astro= 12reas +8astro= 8reas Considering how strong he seems to be in dpa, I'd assume 16 or 20reas. Ye, I know its not much use but I had nothing better to do. Oh, and it could be all wrong if MP's stats are wrong
  24. Attacking PK'ers/PvP/FFers - Outlawry?

    Because they are spamming. There's already a warning, in red text when you approach/enter a PK map... repeating this warning again on the forums is... well... as i said, just spam. It should be deleted. You get an even clearer warning about BroD'ing when you see a branch in the hand of your opponent So, by your own logic, repeating that "so and so" is a Brod'er "is... well..., just spam"