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  1. New Helm of Life and Mana's

    +1, like the idea
  2. Remove PP buying

    old players who quit used pp buying aswell, Ambro, siarato, toomass, matess for example other old players wouldnt know about pp buying because they quit before pp buying was introduced, besides was there ever one who quit cause of pp buying? think about the millions people spended to get a few pp, they would quit cause all theh ard work was for nothing, making the small playerbase even smaller. not to mention the pk community that gets smaller and then we get topics again saying pk is dead Yeah, i was a PP buyer aswell. Mostly to keep up with other top players/PP buyers tho. Looking back now, it was boring as hell...all those hours training/serping to gain gc for that next pickpoint. If there had been no pickpoint buying and a level cap of lets say ~145 then instead of the endless training/money gathering I would have been in KF having fun ^^.....only serping to gain some gc for normal expenses. Heck...maybe i would have still played then But now, as is, if you want to be/stay competitive the game is just a prayer without an end. I still think PP buying to use on nexus (but only on nexus) is a cool idea tho.
  3. Mages

    Again...i didn't say just level dependant but much more level dependant then it is now. Do a little test yourself: Add 4 rationality or add 4 magic levels. You will see that the +4 magic levels wont help magic damage much...the +4 rationality will increase your magic damage a lot. Yet the +4 magic lvls are arguably harder to get then the +4 rationality. Would be nice if there was a better balance between magic level and rationality when it comes to magic damage/spell effect.
  4. Mages

    My p2p just expired, so it has been about 1.5 years since I started Wizzy Wizzy is not my first charater, and I have been roaming these EL for over 3 years, maybe close to 4 now. Since I started Wizzy, I have invested more time/gc's for my 62 magic level then when I started jumpy charater who made 110 defense in about 1 year from creation. Making gc's is not that easy when you need HoS, Anti, etc just to pump up that emu to a cool 500. As for a max ration with good astro, and w/r/m pots, I still cant harm players for 150. As for someone starting a new char and in a month terrorizing kf? Not possible, unless, serious EL shop investment takes place. And it is not our fault that people maybe too slow, I pked people when I could only harm for 50 points, And I know Dugur/Magpielee have done the same. To be honest, for some people, all the magic protection in the world wont help some people, Some people just lack the pk skills or the foresight to use items avaible in game to protect them. I remember long ago, people hanging out at merc spawn would often get attacked with Brod's from an invisable pker. another oldtimer used to summon fluffy from invisable/attack. The point is the element of surprise. Conavars point about facebook map is a good one, What do you expect if your sitting unprepared in a map. It would be no different then someone showing up with attack bless/ boost potted and dealing loads of damage with a bronze swrod/bp combo. Ok, maybe 150-160 is a bit exagurated. But plox, people read...im not complaining about mage builds or the damage they can do. A mage should beable to do good magic damage. What i'm saying is: magic should be much more magic level dependant. Imo it is geared too much towards rationality and too little towards actual magic level - as in: it needs training to get higher and become a better mage.
  5. Mages

    I didn't say purely...i suggested more dependant on magic lvl... So for high damage you not only need high will/reasoning but also high magic lvl. Edit: spelling
  6. Mages

    I don't consider smby with 50-60 magic and full will/reasoning a mage....how could he be with such a relatively low magic level? It's a piece of cake to pump will/rationality...but getting a high magic lvl...training the skill... is much harder, time consuming and costly. Imo the potency of your magic skills should be much more dependant of your actual magic lvl. When i quit i had 88 magic lvl, full reasoning and some will. I harmed for 80-90. In comparison: some "newb" with 60 magic and full reasoning/will harms for 150-160... I always found this a weird concept...
  7. Evanescence Perk and Def XP

    I tested them with Nienora when they got introduced, and our conclusion was: not really that much better than Thermal Serp to worth its price at that time. Of course, it was other times... Don't forget some people nowadays have maxed (or very good) vitality, so ye, pretty hard to do damage on players with the great swords. Summoning is pr0 to kill, but no Pki, no pk central. True, times have changed....thermal was good back then but now against ice drag armour its useless with all the heat and cold bonusses. Even against red and black drag armour it's only so so :s And yeah, you can use summons...but for me, personally, it gives (well gave since i quit) much more satisfaction to kill somebody myself then with lets say a giant stone.
  8. Evanescence Perk and Def XP

    Have to agree that PK is too expensive nowadays. On the subject of bronze swords: Nobody ever wondered why they got so populair all of a sudden? They were already ingame before the caps and the dragon armours if i remember correct. It's because of the low damage nowadays (low might + very high armour). It's become the only way to do good damage and get more kills. Logically this also implicates that the great swords nowadays are doing too little damage: before the caps and dragon armours people didn't need to use bronze to do sufficient damage and hence they didn't buy or "waste" money on bronze swords. The good old jagged saber or orcslayer and even cutlass were doing just fine in the damage department.
  9. Evanescence Perk and Def XP

    Will also be nice for training: 10% more blocks means more def xp per training session aswell. The perk will be a small def god.
  10. Evanescence Perk and Def XP

    Will be an interesting perk to take / have when it's fixed after update. 1 in ~7 chance to dodge a hit opposed to the 1 in 20 chance to dodge a hit for the non eva people.
  11. Evanescence Perk and Def XP

    The 5% sounds like a critical miss...or a critical dodge...depending on how you look at it Still...this means people with eva perk have a 15% chance of dodging a hit and get xp...people without the perk have a 5% chance of dodging a succesfull hit and get xp? (after update). Or this only works against monsters you would normally never beable to dodge?
  12. Evanescence Perk and Def XP

    Can you tell us under what circumstances it doesn't work? Just to verify if it corresponds with my own and other peoples observations.
  13. Evanescence Perk and Def XP

    Ice drag is unblockable. But with eva perk, statistically, you should dodge the ice dragon once every ~10 hits and get def xp for that eva dodge. This doesn't seem to be the case...the perk seems to be bugged. Something that most people that have or have had the perk noticed.
  14. Poor man's magic weapons

    There are 3 dragon armors. Which dragon armor? Black/White/Red? All? Just pointing out the lack of clarity. They all give good protection against thermal. Red and black absorb all the heat damage and white absorbs all the heat ánd cold damage. The white armour basicly grants immunity to thermal. That takes me to another point: If there is an armour ingame (white drag armour) that basicly gives absolute immunity to the most expensive sword ingame (90 usd thermal) and doesn't have any negs or bad sides to it, then why is there nothing that makes you immune to special hits? This is where the bronze could play a much bigger role (tweaked, with much less negs).
  15. Auction

    Since it used to be my sword i'll comment: It's a pretty nice weapon, it lost a little bit of its attractiveness because of the attribute caps and the dragon armours (because of it's wide dmg range). But it still has really nice bonusses and that 8% chance is a lot. I've seen it hit +20 dmg 2-3 times in a row on more occasions. Specially nice to get that +20 when your enemy is about to restore...good chance your opponent dies, specially in conjunction with damage rings (if no red cape). I found it to be a nice weapon when fighting multiple people aswell. Make it a bit more potent by using star med (since attribute caps my prefered PK med.)