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    snowboarding skateboarding riding motorcycles and playing el
  1. please unbann my char.

    is that ok with you entropy?
  2. please unbann my char.

    umm can i pay 25k gc now and 25kgc in like a week or 2 with my last warning?
  3. please unbann my char.

    please dont spam this folder im just trying to get unbanned ty
  4. What is the highest creature you can kill?

    i can take cycs fluffys and i can maybe take a d chim
  5. please unbann my char.

    im trying not to bug neone but i keep seeing you on entropy but you never reply to this threrad i think maybe if you see i reposted on forums main page that you will answer um but ya ty and sorry if im being a trouble
  6. please unbann my char.

    hey entropy i noticed where it said your internet problems were fixed can you please get back to me asap with more info on my char. plz bad or good news i doesnt matter
  7. EL Essay

    hi my ingame name is zamora my name is real life is stefanie and i live in bakersfield california.I first found this game by a friend so i had no problems with money when i started playing and he helped out alot when i needed help.it took me about a week to get used to the game now i play everyday almost all day till i go to sleep but my char. got banned so i am currently waiting for more info on getting it unbanned.For all you noobies out there i recommend you do not break the rules to make money.Just work for your money cause when you get stronger you will love this game it has tons of nice people in it.If you do scamm or break the rules to make money you will be banned and you will regret it as i do.Some of the first difficulties i had in the beginning of the game was training my a/d because i could not catch the rabbits and beavers they were just to fast lol.Umm i dont really know how i overcame that problem except for i trained more and more and could catch them.Some other problems i had in the game was getting of ip cause it used to be snowy and i didnt know how to bring up the map so i just clicked around but i figured that out pretty fast.If any of you noobies have small problems like that just ask someone in el people in this game
  8. please unbann my char.

    ty for that sparhawk didnt know that
  9. please unbann my char.

    entropy do you think it is going to be a problem getting my char. unbanned please reply whether it is good or bad news ty
  10. invisible potions

    i have noticed 1 of my friends was using invisible potion and he only went halfway invisible and i could see him and i did not have true sight this had actually happened 2 times that i have seen and both times it was in nordcarn 1 time to my friend and 1 time to some other guy but on different days and i asked him if it poisoned him instead of making him go invisible and he said no it worked and i told him that i could see him and neither of us knew what was going on but maybe it had something to do with nc arena maybe? cause i never saw it do that except for there 2 times 2 different people
  11. please unbann my char.

    i got banned for luring people into pk and for scamming but i promise it will never happen again like i said if you hear my name in bad way again just ban me for life but i promise it wont happen
  12. please unbann my char.

    this is actually the first time i have been banned my bf actually got banned and his char. is still banned he just gave up but i promise i will never do anything bad in el again and if i do ban me for life but i promise this will be the last time you will hear my name in a bad way in el and im sorry for everything i have done and for the inconvenience
  13. please unbann my char.

    yes but the char. mutum has crappy stats less than 20/20 a.d and i cant make money on him or nething cuase allother stats are 0 and i wanted to play in the pk event coming up this weekend
  14. please unbann my char.

    hi this is zamora again and it has been like almost 2 weeks since i have been banned and i dont wanna bug soldus in pming him nemore cause he never answers and said to pm him in 2 days and it has been almost 2 weeks i just wanna know if you guys can plz unbann my char. i sware on everything you will not hear my name in a bad way in el anymore and if you do ban me for life but can i please just get a response
  15. please unbann my char.

    hi this is zamora i will admit i have done some bad things in el and so has my brother but if you please unbann my char. i promise you will never hear my name in trouble again and if you do please feel free to bann it for life but i promise on my dads grave (died when i was 2 years old) that you will never here my name as of being in trouble again for scamming or causing any trouble i just wanna play el again ty