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  1. Window Vista Client 1.6 crash

    Im in Dwarven House on Zirak where i have the most crash. I have tested all video option and found that show reflection in detail seems to bethe reason for the crash.
  2. Window Vista Client 1.6 crash

    I was using el_pre_rc_8.exe and el_rc_160final.exe before last update and never crashed. Maybe this can help to find the bug: I got the old standard Perspertive and Near plane setting Perspective 0.40 Near Plane distance 35.00 With these settings i have less problems with 360 degre rotation, when i use top down view.
  3. Window Vista Client 1.6 crash

    Have tried eli386.exe for inside bug . But this dont solve the problem.
  4. Window Vista Client 1.6 crash

    System: Windows Vista Premium NVidia GeForce Go 7300 Client crash inside South Redmoon storage when rotation (left -right key) For test make 360deg rotation . For me crash happens each time when looking to the door. Added: Bug is related to perspective when you are inside buildings or caves. My perspective is 0.73 and near distance is 35.50 when view maximum up rotation works when view maximum down client crash
  5. #sto bug

    #sto is nice, but is only frame command who is stopping the harvesting.
  6. List of 'rare' books that you can't sell

    The problem with books is like with lot of other stuff in game. When you need them you cant drop them, and when you drop them you don't need them any more. Other problem, lot of people give away all unused books when they leave EL cause its to boring to wait years before making high level items. So what ever, profit will allways stay in hands of very high ranked old addicted player. A good solution would be that you're only able to drop or buy a book when you have the skill to use that book. and/or if you dont have that book in storage or invent.
  7. Why not simply make sub-categories in suggestions to have less garbage -Map ideas -Game design -New monster and npc -New item -Too big for EL noob programmers -Other stuff
  8. Eliminate storage chat window

    Now playing 2 years, and ergonomy has never advanced in this game. Why not just put the small npc head under list on left side, an welcome message on his right , until you do not examine an item ? You can then also replace the npc head with the object image you are currently examine. You should also be able to put all status infos where you want on scree, even in a frame and to be able to lock it.
  9. When I started to play EL ...

    I remember time where poeple standing behind ant ans ant queen waiting to steal there bags. I remember time where you could just sit down on storage places and listen to funny stories. I remember time where poeple where not so addicted to EL and not so alone surounded by so many shiny and useless items like now.
  10. What is your opinion about multiplaying?

    For me the answers is yes, because poeple with lot of freinds are able to do this kind of cheat, without be detected if all trade are no made the same day. So i dont see why poeple who are playing alone or only short time each day, dont have these chances.
  11. City building

    Everybody is saying "wow we will be able to build a town". But i think we will first need is " a cool-down". What we need first in EL is the spirit of teamwork and real game-play and a real working economy. The only teamwork spirit we have is to be able to heal someone. We have more and more goodies in game what is nice but and in same time, the game is freezing in a harvester population of individualist who are trying to make these items. If nothing is done, we will reach a dead end. And only a handful 2 year old and more year old power-player will stay in game to pay for 30million gc baby. Even now a normal player is needing years before be able doing higher things in this games . I don't try to imagine what hell it will be to make your own house. I would be useful to know how long people play each day and how long people stay in EL before getting tired to do same boring things. The advantage to be online 10 or 12 hour a day should not penalise as much the player who can only play 2-3 hours a day. So think about it; what purpose should be behind a town. Ownership will not be enough. A town is just the image of the people who are living inside. So don't try to strangle the last players of EL. If only a hand full of rich player can decide what kind of house and where to build, towns will be a puffy project like space bags.
  12. Map Editor Bug Reports

    I have a little problem with ins key used to change z pos of objects. This key does no more exist on Newer Logitech Keyboards and unfortunaly Ins key in keypad dont work with the mapeditor. Is it possible to redefine ins key in mapedit.ini ? And if yes what is the line to insert ?
  13. Server

    If really want to see what is going on with router problem. Here traceroute to EL server: http://www.nwtools.com/default.asp?prog=tr...ernal-lands.com And here report on all router above,net is our problem: http://www.dslreports.com/routerwatch Trace is showing all computer between your computer and the EL server computer. If one in between has time out or very low ping, data cannot move between both . And we have lot of time out today , The problem in europe we have all to go thru abov.net computer. So we have to wait until this one has been repaired.
  14. feasting potion discussion

    Im doing same before update. But since, i consider that the balance between manufacturing things and buy things is broken, and game is going worther and worther. What is final goal in game ? For most poeple (and i belong to), it is having best weapon, armor or other nice goodies. Making things is too much time consuming,several month or year for making nice things.Loosing time in sitting and clicking on a mouse (really boring). So what are most poeple doing ?... havesting to make XP quick and making low items they can sell with max benefit.(sitting and wait too boring again). But time is shorter and you can do other things in between like playing a real game or surfing on internet, (or what else you want ). So does it really make sens for a game ?
  15. Update 1.3 Bug reports

    Can walk into wall in north when walking from east side of the wall in Arius at 131,351