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  1. no more DRM

    I agree, I might even start using the Itunes store to DL music from now on. Apple's DRM was the main reason I choose Creative and not an IPOD....
  2. Your favorite xmas gift as a child or adult

    LEGO here too. Oh and the one I got my Gameboy, I think I was 8 or 9 - my life was complete
  3. Basically a Wiki page is what your talking about. There was one started somewhere but I think it stopped being updated after a while and never really reached its full potential. Could be something very cool if it was maintained properly. It was at below address but not working for me anymore: el-wiki.dragoncairn.net/
  4. What a cutie!

    What an Ass
  5. Your opinion on ranging.

    I've broke one bow but only about 30 arrows, however it seems "every" time I'm attacked I break an arrow. Is it a 100% break chance or it must at least be very high - even when its snakes/boars I always loose my training arrow on first strike. Anyone know break rate?
  6. Bike Race

    So yesterday I did the 56 mile (90km) bike (bicycle - no engines allowed lol) race from London to Brighton in the UK in aid of the British Heart foundation. Just in case any of you guys want to invest in some life saving research into how to make our hearts better when we're old and nearly dead and cut down on heart attackes and stuff and to make me feel better as I'm now in agony you can go to www.justgiving.com/neil-anderson and sponsor me there. P.S if anyone lives in the Uk I recommend it to any of you, i've never had so much fun (and pain) in one day, maybe it was the free bar at the end but the pleasure crossing that finish line is awesome. I'm really grateful for anyone who donates
  7. Who do you think will win Euro 08?

    England will... Wait no we're crap now.
  8. Missile Accuracy Potion

    Nah don't use skunk use black panther fur - has no use. Also some form of medallion that boosts it would be good to.
  9. Summonable Penguins

    Cats first please, leopards, black panthers etc... They've been in game much longer and some of those items (Black Panther fur) have no uses!
  10. Past Maps

    What a tease....!
  11. Mines, and a new perk

    Not a bad idea but rather than a perk probably suits some form of ingame item. Maybe a "scanner" which could be manufactured under engineering or high level drop. Quite an expensive item I'd say. Then we could move arrows under crafting
  12. Football: English Premiership 07-08

    So here are the standings after an interesting year Yes that is NUFC taking up 2 out the top 3 places Congrats to Jowwow who came out top!
  13. Just take out the binding?? Agreed about the status of them today. Far too expensive for what they do.
  14. Football: English Premiership 07-08

    Well what a season. Man U Champions of Europe. Roll on August!
  15. Most *used* Weapon

    Holy Hand grenades for me
  16. Missing! Gossip and Trinitybot

    /gossip admire gossip
  17. EL crashes entering dp storage

    I get it too, let me guess you have an ATI radeon?
  18. Summon Quickslot

    I know it hurts doesn't it Maybe one day we'll get both - a quickslot and the ability to summon during fighting.
  19. Until we meet again my beloved Katryel

    This is really sad news and I'm so sorry to hear it. I hope your ok, well as ok as you can be in situations like this. Take care.
  20. training arrows producible

    hence my idea to use sanding paper (idea being you would sand the wooden stick into shape) and who says training arrows need to be under engineering - crafting FTW Seriously a bit like "Bones to gold spell" requires both magic and alchemy why don't we have more stuff like this with a combination of requirements. Maybe training arrows could be a low level eng item but also med/high crafting. that way you get a lot of money out the game through sanding paper (to get the high craft lvl) so the arrows are still an expensive item to make in reality. My suggestion (feel free to tweak) Training arrow Requirements (Engineering 13, Crafting 39) Art nexus 1 1 Wood branch, 1 sanding paper, 3 training flights exp given 24 eng, 28 crafting Training flights Requirements (Engineering 10, Crafting 36) Tool require: Morter & Pestle 1 honey comb, 1 yarrow, 2 wheat exp given 14 eng, 12 crafting (did you know when you mash up wheat and yarrow and a bit of sticky honey and leave it to dry out it hardens very stiff and makes a perfect flight to stick on to a stick and forma trating arrow?... no neither did I but hey its a game and does have to be perfect )
  21. TD summon arena contest

    It was Mortos challenge and there have been 2. One late last year Sep 07 http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=36727 and one July 2006 http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=26740 There are some pics on threads...
  22. The Greatest EL Player

  23. training arrows producible

    Yeah but he also said that arrows would be makeable under crafting and bows under engineering about the same time in his blog...
  24. training arrows producible

    If it was just made out of wood it would probably involve sanding paper. 1 Yew, 1 wood branch, 1 sanding paper. Still more expensive than npc but maybe sanding paper should be manufactarble (bone powder?) or drop its price (and yes I'm a crafter who uses a lot of sanding paper )
  25. Whats the best way to make gc?

    It depends if you mean easiest or quickest way to make money. Seems like Harving Gypsum for free and selling for 7-10 gc from sto is pretty good return but of course unless you have very high emu if can be a pain going backl and forth to sto. But then it seems some people willl even pay 3gc for it from a bag at Gypsum face.... but that is just lazy!!