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  1. win 7 64 bit

    I tried running el.exe with full administrative privileges. It's still not working
  2. win 7 64 bit

    I guess I'm going to just uninstall the game then. Some mysteries can't be solved
  3. win 7 64 bit

    Ha don't apologize for suggesting anything. I need any and all suggestions. I tried running the game in Windows XP compatibility mode, Windows Vista compatibility mode, and both running as the administrator. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the client and still nothing.
  4. win 7 64 bit

    Forgiven - I just tried resetting my router. No dice Piper - Long time, no talk I tried using the command line, but is there anything I should type before that command? It says telnet isn't a valid command. Here's a screenshot of the prompt: Sorry if I'm being kind of computer stupid.. I know how to play the games, not troubleshoot them [EDIT] Okay, I found how to enable Telnet here: http://www.fettesps.com/windows-7-enable-telnet/ I typed "telnet the-green-leaf.de 2000" in and it said "connecting to telnet..." for a split second before going to a blank prompt. After that, all I had was a blank prompt window with a blinking cursor. I'm going to mess with my antivirus now and see if that does anything. [second Edit] OK I'm 90% sure I found the problem. I checked the el.ini file and it said it was using port 2001. This should be port 2000, correct? Anyways, I tried changing it to port 2000, but a pop-up window announced that access is denied. Anyone know how to get around that? [Third Edit] I managed to give myself permission to modify the file (if there was a puffed chest emoticon, there would be around five of them right here), and I changed it to port 2000. Started up the EL client and... nothing. The problem persists, but at least I've learned how to change file permissions and whatnot.
  5. win 7 64 bit

    My WiFi connection is set to home, so that can't be it. I've also added EL to the safe programs list for the windows firewall just in case that was the problem, but it still doesn't work. I am utterly confuzzled
  6. win 7 64 bit

    I have this same problem, however, there is no error message saying it failed to connect. It simply does nothing when I click "done." It also doesn't say "Welcome to Eternal Lands." When I start the client, the message is stuck at "Connecting to server..." Eventually, it says I've gone afk. Here's a screenshot: I doubt this has to do with my computer, I'm thinking it's the server connection, but here are my system specs just in case: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium Processor: AMD Phenom II N830 Triple-core Processor, 2.10 GHz RAM: 4GB System Type: 64 bit Hard Drive: 37 GB of free space
  7. New intro screen.

    Ooo I like the one with the ships! good job Isenwolf
  8. New intro screen.

    It's not that hard, really. You just google a picture that you want, save it, trim it to the right size using MS Paint and you're set.
  9. New intro screen.

    You CAN make your own or replace it with whatever you want. Just replace login_menu.bmb in your textures folder in your el directory. Make sure its the same dimensions as the original. Then why are people making such a fuss? Just make their own if they don't like it *EDIT* I found a desktop background on the internet. Here's what I came up with XD
  10. Minimap tweek

    I was thinking that you can resize the minimap, adjust the zoom, but you can't adjust the size of the dots that represent players, creatures, and NPC's. Would this be possible?
  11. New intro screen.

    Would it be possible to add an option to the game to use an existing file on your computer as the startup background? If it was possible it would solve this.. everyone could have their own version. I like the startup screen, but the greatness wore off after a couple years of playing.. I would add a new pic, but the only thing i have on my computer is ms paint.
  12. "End Now"

    Ok, I'm downloading it at this moment. I hope it works... otherwise I'm going to throw my computer out the window. THATS IT!!! I'M THROWING MY FRIKKIN COMPUTER OUT THE WINDOW! It gave me this message when trying to download. I give up. I guess I won't play EL anymore
  13. "End Now"

    So.. is it even possible for me to play EL, or should I just give up? I'm getting pretty close lol
  14. "End Now"

    It didn't work. But thanks for the suggestion What should I try now?
  15. "End Now"

    Have you renamed the client executable or are those locations different directories/folders? When you start the client, how are you doing that, clicking on a desktop shortcut or clicking on the executable in the file manager? By "C:\Program Files\Eternal Lands" I was just referring to what I thought was the EL directory so anyone could correct me and tell me what the actual directory is IF I got it wrong. "C:\Program Files\Eternal Lands\Eternal-Lands Client" is what the path is to the client.. I guess I typed it wrong. It would actually be "C:\Program Files\Eternal Lands\el". No, I didn't rename it. To open it I've done both just to make sure I've tried all possibilities.