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  1. Channel List?

    1500 is new dutch channel
  2. [SIE]

    if someone wants to join just go ahead and go to our site our forum site forum?
  3. world championship

    i will need more people for the world championship so please sign up
  4. world championship

    cause gohan left our team i will lead the championship,so please post again names,country and A/d or pm it,mail colaertarnaud@gmail.com
  5. The World Championship of PKing!

    gohan thats new years eve in belgium cant we put it on friday?
  6. The big treasure hunt

    the event will be replaced to a later date cause im sick,sorry and happy holidays
  7. The big treasure hunt

    OK peeps the event will be on the 27 of december at 7pm gmt+1
  8. Strife!

    nice i like this idea
  9. Pets

    yes indeed it would
  10. Storage problems

    diedecay you will need to sit more then once
  11. Pets

    i think he means that his summoned animal-monster kills the other animals and the he collects the fur
  12. The World Championship of PKing!

    but where do you live isenguard
  13. The World Championship of PKing!

    come on just sign up
  14. clock

    and you could enter a time like 1.05 pm as alarm set and on the exact time you get a warning that its and then 1.05 pm(easy for event starts)
  15. The World Championship of PKing!

    i wanna join for belgium A/D = 18/18yes noob skills P/C= 13/14