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  2. I just asked radu if he could check my progression on this quest since yeah I had EL uninstalled from my PC for a long time and quest log is not showing up. He said [PM from radu: ask the npc] and I felt like okay I'm stupid. Does it really say what you need next? But no, doesn't say. Now I'm searching and this happened to all of you already. Pls add that list.
  3. Last week
  4. Forgotten password

    If you can prove ownership, I think Entropy does (or did) password resets for a fee ($5??). You'll need to contact him directly.
  5. New and updated trade bot list

    Nibal is owned by Kaddy now.
  6. Eternal Limericks!

    To all the dung-divers... It's more a tongue twister than a town in Ireland. How much poop could a poop-scooper scoop if a poop-scooper could scoop poop?
  7. Eternal Limericks!

    I arrived at the tree-shrooms, to toil, When I suddenly spied a gargoyle, I tried to depart, Before his mischief could start, But sadly his attack I was unable to foil...
  8. Forgotten password

    Hi all, Pretty much what the title says, i had my char copied to PK server a very long time ago and looks like i didnt use one of my usual passwords i would of used and cant remember it. Anyway of recovering this or is it lost in the wind now. Many thanks
  9. Hi, I am interesting in running a store bot. I could host myself, and I am looking for working code (best would be GPL code), preferably C(++) or php. I successfully compile death adders elbot (3.0-rc6 and older), but trading doesn't work - if I want to sell something (which is configured to be bought) to the bot and put into trade window nothing happens. so can anyone tell me if any working code is published? or is someone willing to share his/her code? alternatively, where could I have a bot being hosted? thank you very much
  10. Forum validation requests

  11. Forum validation requests

  12. request for Alt ether toggles

    Looks like Sir_Odie has a Mac build from the day of this commit. http://www.gm.fh-koeln.de/~linke/EL-Services.html
  13. WoC_vault and tristran

    I am back from the ban
  14. request for Alt ether toggles

    ok thanks, will there be a version with this change for mac ? appreciate all the work you guys do for the clients.
  15. Live Stream Event

    Of course, Magic.. Hope you make it
  16. Live Stream Event

    Yes, but please take it a bit easy on the less leveld players. Lets make it fun to watch, not complete slaughter lol
  17. Earlier
  18. Live Stream Event

    special wepons and armours ?
  19. Forum validation requests

    Hey, can you guys approve my account please for Cetus? Thank you!
  20. Live Stream Event

    Uhm, so disappointed, wizard ahem . . . magic pl0x.
  21. Live Stream Event

    This is one of the best opportunities EL will ever be faced with. We gotta make the best of this and hopefully gain some attention. New players never hurt, and we sure could use some. I hope we get alot of eyes on it and continue to grow, EL is one of (If not THE best) MMORPG on the market IMO. We deserve this <3
  22. Live Stream Event

    Hi All Friday, April 19th at 11:30am-2pm EST there will be an Invasion in KF. This will be live streamed to https://dlive.tv/EternalStream Please, if you can, go make an account here and follow Eternalstream. One of the worlds top streamers (Pewdiepie) Will be doing a give away of $10,000 dollars to a number of streams, as a promotional event. There will be a lot of eyeballs on this, and it is a great way to show case Eternal Lands to many people that have never heard of it before. Possibly bringing new players to the game. If you can, please come out and participate in the event, and tune in on the live stream as well. The More people that watch, the higher EL stream with rank, and the more likely it will be to be noticed. Radu has offered up some prizes. Prizes will be drawn from Lottery of names of particpants, so everyone has a chance to win. There will be no bombs, no brod or gsm No Brownie tokens, ice / magic/fire arrow or bronze sword. It will be a no drop map. Lets show case some pk, some invasion fighting, ranging, and summoning skills So, the more eyeballs the better, tell your friends, sister, cat, and ficus to tune in to the channel to watch, and also throw on some leather armor and give it a go in KF. Thanks to you all in advance, lets show PeWdiEpIe why Eternal Lands is still awesome 16 years later. Time can be found here on world clock https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Invasion+KF+stream&iso=20190419T1230&p1=1147&ah=1&am=30 All the best Wizzy
  23. PK Contest Saturday April 20th

    what is that gmt please ?
  24. PK Contest Saturday April 20th

    You really had to do that on the very few weekends I am away Goodluck on the event, have fun!
  25. can`t log

    I just reinstalled EL, and all works fine. Probally was something missing in EL folder
  26. PK Contest Saturday April 20th

    There will be a pk contest Starting around Noon EST There will be 5 Contests Held 1) Noob 0-60a/d 2) Semi Noob 60-100a/d 3)Semi Pr0 100-130a/d 4)Pr0 130-160 a/d 5)OMFG 160+ Rules and such will be posted soon, but for now, I would like to gather a list of participants Please post you name and the range you fall under as above. There will be no Brod, and all the maps will be NO DROP Thanks! Wizzy
  27. I guess I am in a banned IP range

    No problem, I am in the same guesthouse since yesterday. So I will even make vacation from EL until next week See you later.
  28. I guess I am in a banned IP range

    It is not a ban issue. You have not reached the server today. The IP you are posting from here in forums is not the same as you logged in-game from yesterday, I assume from your vacation spot. I don't know if you changed locations since yesterday but if so, it could be a blocked port issue from your current location.
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