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  2. Bring back old Neno

    As I've informed radu, the official maps are now "cleaned up" with regards to walkable tiles that he can create a script that picks a random map, and a random walkable tile on that map (that has at least one walkable tile next to it) and use that as a spawn point. Completely random spot on any map that is allowed. Impossible to spawn-sit, period.
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  4. Bring back old Neno

    I am not against this idea. I don't know if he would go for it.
  5. Items warranty

    One final question on this point - does the initial payment for the item cover the first month's warranty?
  6. Bring back old Neno

    Or Entropy could just drop a few in the outhouse to be found by the dung harvesters. Why should the fighters find all the cool stuff? ;-)
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  8. Bring back old Neno

    There's so many other options: Add something new. Something that can only be hurt by any of the non-melee damage things (mines, range, magic, summons, etc.) or one random thing from that list. A new sort of badaran that takes specific (perhaps random) items to damage, with hints to location and items given on a chat channel Any of a number of ideas in the suggestion board could be pretty easily adapted to fill the spot vacated by 'old neno' with the proper spawn AI: Add some automated ways Nenos can spawn: Add Neno to GIWS (remove timer for neno GIWS) Change Dung-rat to Neno (a bit harsh for such a noble creature) Let Joker randomly spawn a Neno but only tell the person who found Joker where Add a mob once per #day (or maybe once every 4 days) that when killed, turns into a Neno Add day stone drops to more things: Lower level instance bosses Low level monsters (very super ultra rare) Similar to pear, but non-detectable. Very super ultra rare daily reward
  9. Items warranty

    Nice - thanks for that Maybe toni will be treating herself to a Christmas present - the pink squiggly sword looks pretty
  10. Bring back old Neno

    We really need the old neno back. We have a serious lack of bad day remove stones and special day stones. People can kill badaran for them but that takes a lot more work than neno did. If you want to add those stones to another creature like an Ivan type creature, that would work. I'd buff up the stats and have him spawn in the Burn's c2 invasion map rooms. With the 2 different invasion maps, he could be on any c2 surface map or c2 caves. He'd be much harder to spawn sit. Please consider it, thanks.
  11. Eternal Lands News

    A Special Report, Ace Jackson reporting: It seems the dastardly Moderator RipTide suckered one of his fellow mods into an "Easy" 130 cap invasion. Thyralax was minding his own business when he was approached by Rip. "How about I make a 130 cap invasion for you? I'll keep it real easy." "Sure, just take care of me. I'm not as strong as I used to be." The unsuspecting Thyralax and Moon Dust entered Trassian city, only to be met with a wave of Cyclops. The attack was tempered by the might of Thyra and Moon Dust. They knew they could withstand this. Next came a wave of fluffy rabbits and feros. That too was turned aside. Then came wave after wave of chimeran wolves, yeti and frost trolls. Poor Thyralax was overcome by them. Undaunted, he returned. His dragon blade failed him. The red dragon helm of Moon Dust, bit the dust. One by one the bricks poofed. As I interviewed our saintly Thyralax in the underworld after the invasion he gave me the grim toll. 4 bricks 1 rdholm & 1 dragon sword later and its cleared, Ohhhh and 1 damaged ice plate. The pride of a job well done beamed across his face. After the carnage was over I interviewed RipTide. "Moderator Riptide, how could you do that to your fellow moderator?" "I didn't do anything wrong. I was asked to make an invasion." "Did you or did you not say you'd make an easy invasion?" "It wasn't me man, I was... umm making cookies." "You BC'd the invasion, you spawned the monsters, and this was your invasion." "WHO YOU GOING TO BELIEVE MAN? ME OR YOUR LYING EYES?" The interview ended at this point. Ace Jackson, out.
  12. Selling 100 True Sight Potions @105gc/each Selling 1000 Titanium Bars @70gc/each Reply here or send merc tell. Thanks. My IGN is thgilsrooc kthx
  13. Eternal Lands News

    Ace Jackson with a: Deep investigative report. Rumor has it that yesterday's invasion was left in a conundrum. The 150 cap boss monsters were somehow miss-capped. The MAD Wizard went off to his beauty slumber leaving no way to re-cap the monsters. Sometime after that, these capped bosses were slaughtered. I cannot say by whom.
  14. Buying/selling

    Fixed sorry
  15. Buying/selling

    If you REALLY want us to use that link, you'll have to provide your username etc. Otherwise, you might want to correct the link
  16. Buying/selling

    Check what I’m buying selling.... always updating... willling to mix any potions no limit... just give me a heads up/Mercator or leave a comment here. Ingame name: Joan http://schmurk.corner.free.fr/el/market.php?user=archilaus
  17. Items warranty

  18. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    More O.T.: Quote from Aislinn: I have a quote button. Are you on mobile/android? No, normal PC (running Gentoo Linux, with Seamonkey as my browser). I do have JavaScript turned off for security reasons (it seems that 99% of virus/phishing/cross-site-scripting/etc. involves JavaScript), so that may be the reason. The old board didn't require JavaScript to quote/preview/ignore/etc.
  19. OK. Should be a simple fix. Thanks for reporting this bug.
  20. If I set the user interface scaling factor to less than 1 and I complete reading a book, the blue researching bar in the Knowledge tab of the Statistics window is longer than the bordered area. If I set the user interface scaling factor to greater than 1 and I complete reading a book, the blue researching bar in the Knowledge tab of the Statistics window is shorter than the bordered area.
  21. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    I have a quote button. Are you on mobile/android? And yes, I couldn't agree with you more -- I can't stand what Invision did to the forums.
  22. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    Re: Aislinn's "impatients". Xaq also says "impatients" for Portland. I thought that was just how she talked. (Similar to how Daritha says "iron chains" when she means "iron chainmail", etc.) P.S. (O.T.) I used to be able to quote another post by clicking on a "quote" link. No "preview" any more, either. This new forum software sucks.
  23. Items warranty

    Antonia, go to shop page and click the PayPal pay button. Then pay the $10 and make sure you include your in game char name and the item you want to insure. That's all you gotta do. Then if it breaks while under warranty pm Radu and he will replace it.
  24. Eternal Lands News

    The Contest Ace Jackson reporting. A word from our sponsor: Sloan's banking services. We are a full service bank with all the perks and advantages of those larger banks. Plus we are an authorized representative of Byte coin. Why settle for a bit when you can have a full Byte! Byte coin has 8 times the growth. Disclaimer: Deposits made to Sloan banking services are not insured. Deposit gold coins at own risk. Interest is paid at .0001% on 5,000gcs or more. 9/10ths of each gold coin deposited is guaranteed to be taken up in banking fees. Please fully read the prospectus before investing. The teams were balanced, mostly. Each team was made up of the upper crust of warriors, accompanied with combatants of all skill levels. The plan was simple; use the nub players as fodder for the monsters while the pros were free to kill squash their opponents. What could possibly go wrong? Team K was in Bethel, with their prowess they would steam rolled over all the invasion monsters in their path. Team C was in Kusamura jungle. They had intelligence and skill as their greatest attribute. Meanwhile team O was in Melinis, viewed as an underdog and unlikely to succeed. They would have to work hard to win this competition. The monsters were unleashed and they roared into action. The captain of team C lead her group of highly killed warriors as they charged into the fray with a loud crash. Monsters fell before them like cord wood. They were well on their way to victory. Team K attacked their foes. Suddenly summons appeared all around them, monster summons attacked monster. Team O had a trick up their sleeves. One by one all the members of the team appeared on horseback. They charged into the monsters like the old Light Brigade, felling foe after foe. Monster after monster threw themselves on Team C only to die in utter agony. Soon the danger had passed and their chore was to mop up the stragglers to win the prize, but the map was so large for such a contest. Team K's summons had run out of steam and were falling away. Their captain leapt from foe to foe leaving only bodies in his wake. Team O had broken the monster's rally and defeated them. The horsemen raced through the map clearing all of the remaining monsters. They had gained the victory over the other 2 teams. Team O had won the day!
  25. Eternal Lands News

    Thank you my editor was on coffee break
  26. Expiring bots

    I paid to unlock bot Sqye 6KU38462VM6729708 16-9-2018 -Yosie
  27. Eternal Lands News

    Particularly liked the *furry* Otherwise excellent reporting!
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