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    Thank you
  3. Banned

    The STX character has been unlocked and your IP unbanned.
  4. I can't login either for days now! then I was able to for 1 day...now I can't same problems, same x to disconnect things..... I'm in America!!!! "???
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    Hello, could I please get unbanned? Thank you
  7. Negative session hours

    Yep, if you look at the left-hand side of the tab (were it says session at the top of the window), its not a straight line. This can usually be fixed by setting the "adjust graphics x/y" options. This setting also impacts button text, scrolls bars and misc other stuff. It purely cosmetic but has been in the client for years.
  8. Negative session hours

    Uhh...My tabs are off? I'll have to wait for someone to compile a mac version of your client updates in order to try and make sure it goes to 1193.
  9. Negative session hours

    Mostly fixed in the git repo. Its mostly fixed because OpenGL time wraps about 49 days after initialisation. However, the time calc for the session display was using a signed int rather than the unsigned int that the OpenGL clock uses. The fix will keep things working up to the OpenGL time wrap, of about 1193 hours, it will then wrap round to 0. BTW Diealot. Looking at your screen shot, I see you can clean up your graphics alignment (your tabs are a little off) using the setting on the trouble shooting tab of the in game options.
  10. Bot expiration

    Paid bot unlock and yearly fee for bomb_shop and storedragon Transaction 6Y228971GC248105D
  11. Control Rosto Prices

    To be fair. my NPC idea was not radu stocking an npc, but rather an npc that was stocked by players who buy from the shop.
  12. Control Rosto Prices

    You guys don't flipping get it. NPC sales of bricks are NEVER going to happen. Lesser types of bricks are NEVER going to happen. None of you will know how many times we suggested in mod for radu put on a shop sale and it didn't happen. He isn't interested in lowering brick prices. He isn't interested in doing updates to the game anymore. We got kaddy buying up all the cheap bricks so he can invent a crisis that we need a cheaper alternative or something. All he did was hurt the little guys struggling to enjoy the game. And I don't need your magnanimous "let me replace your brick" offer. I can buy my own bricks IF they are there on the market to buy. From here I'll keep quiet.
  13. Control Rosto Prices

    As as long as rostos or other common shop items (cooldown reducers, haidir passes, ...) can be traded between players, radu would have just as much control over the $/gc ratio as he has now, i.e. none. It would just be less convenient for both sellers and buyers.
  14. Control Rosto Prices

    What if rosto's were not sellable by bots? What if you could buy rosto's online, but you could only sell them to an NPC for a set price? Then if you wanted a Rosto you had to either buy it from the shop, buy it from someone person to person, or buy it from the NPC. Then Radu would have total control over the $/GC ratio and the price of rostos? #edit Honestly you could use the npc for all shop items.
  15. Control Rosto Prices

    Radu could try what the change would be, by making it a sale, set down the prices a bit announce it and see the change in purchases. For Radu a rosto has 0 costs, so all he might do is loose a bit of money if the sales stay as they are, with a decline in sale however it is always a good idea to go over priceing to change dynamics.
  16. Control Rosto Prices

    The mini rosto would be nice for invasion but not so great for instances, but anyway I think most rostos are lost from invasion, correct me if I am wrong. Lowering the rosto price to $3 seems like a good idea (with the current gc/$ market it would still mean something like 90kgc, still pricey), only problem I see is that haidir passes are still at $0.50. Making rosto $1 would mean people will not have trouble finding them at a good price, but then pretty sure radu would make even less $ (or maybe not in the long run). Good luck finding a solution See you soon in game
  17. Control Rosto Prices

    Or..............make low level....low reward.....newbies dont drop...limited armor....this would *train* them for when they reach a higher level instances/invasions/ etc
  18. Control Rosto Prices

    Lowering the price has been proposed several times and was rejected. Once again, my idea was NOT to differentiate by player level, but by gear value. (like an insurance: the more value you want insured, the more you pay for the insurance). And the cost of weapons and armours is (at least loosely) related to the required human nexus, which makes that an easy criterium. In addition, I see absolutely no need for the lower bracket alts using pr0 gear to have access to cheap rostos; if they can afford the gear, they should be able to afford the $4 rostos. As a side effect, we might perhaps see less over-equipped characters in low level invasions, meaning those can be easier, making them more accessible to new players.
  19. Control Rosto Prices

    Do not swamp it with multiple items make it simple and just lower the price, works for all and you will not punish people because of a/d.
  20. Control Rosto Prices

    Reading revi’s idea, something came up to my mind. What about 3-level rostos? Rosto for noobs: works if you are 100 cap. 1$ Rosto for semi-pros: works if you are 150 cap. 2$ Rostos for pros: works if you are uncap. 3$ I still believe that 5$ for a death is pricy. So this might help especially low levels to cover a death much easier, only would require killing some beavers or brownies or ogres and sell the tokens. Because I think even tho I believe uncap people burn more rostos, the reason for that is less and less low level people are fighting because the risk vs income is way too unbalanced. The level of rostos would help that issue.
  21. Control Rosto Prices

    Of course you'd love that, as most of those 3M+ you're carrying will be in the equiped items. Which means that you'd get an even lower 'insurance rate'... My idea was to have a cheaper rosto to protect cheaper equipment, to get a balance between the value protected and the price of the stone. For it to really work that way, perhaps the nexus requirements for some weapons should be revised as well. @Diealot: Chances to get either type of rosto on NPC or in exchange for tokens seem very small to me, as the server needs to be paid. If ever they get on NPCs, I'd expect there to be a limit on the number you can buy , and a serious cooldown between buys, week(s), rather than day(s).
  22. Control Rosto Prices

    Re: Mini-rosto Make either male orc or skeleton token do the effects of both tokens. Make the other of the two be exchangeable at a rate of 10-15 tokens to 1 mini-rosto Re: Rosto Price I've never bought rostos from the shop, but $1/rosto is a far more tempting price than $5/rosto. Radu could surprise us all and make rostos a NPCable item, but I don't see it happening either.
  23. Control Rosto Prices

    If there were a mini rosto i'd rather it save what i'm wearing and not protect my inventory, than for it to be limited to 5 human nexus.
  24. Control Rosto Prices

    I agree with kaddy, Vino, and revi. 1. If rostos were, say $1 apiece as Vino suggested (and I've been saying this for ages for this exact price point), I personally would buy a lot of them. Sell some in-game. At that price, I'd feel like I was getting bang for my buck and I'd be more active, more daring, and happy to go back for more. Many others feel the same way. Affordable rostos ==more active players and more shop-buying players. 2. NPC is not a bad idea, but as is I doubt it would happen (taking rosto sales away from the shop). Wonder if an NPC could be tied directly in to the shop to buy directly and get them right away? As to tinkering with the rest, not a bad idea. Wouldn't be my first choice but if radu does not want to adjust rosto prices, I can see value in these ideas. I just don't see rostos ever being NPC sold on their own with no ties to the shop. As to revi's idea for mini rostos for lower gear, that is also a great idea but doesn't help those of us past that point. Not saying don't do it, it's great!, but we still need a plan for the big guy rosto issue.
  25. Control Rosto Prices

    Hey RipTide, Even though your comment has absolutely nothing to do with this thread and completely irrelevant, I will try to explain in a very simple way and with a good manner because I have grown so much respect to you in past year. First of all, if you think farming brickers and casties are so much gc, you are wrong. Those only make a few hundred k profit. And since I can fight a casty with my own will only per 4 days and no chance to kill a bricker unless spawned, you cannot call it ‘farming’ at all. And past few months there have been only 2 times that I killed brickers with tokens. 1 is radu bethel 12 brickers ( like how many months ago?) and second is irin island when all uncap people killed mobs and bosses in cove, I cleared complete island alone with over 600 ldp/ldb. Ask Wizzy. Even in that case, I didn’t solo Bricker and called teammates to kill together to share the drop. Also using a game feature and game dynamics in a different way should not be shocking anyone. Some people just have more experience about the game and can make the best out of a skill/item/perk etc better than other people. Why does it bother you? It is like saying “halberd is too op, use cutlass to kill dragons”, lol. Why should I? Second, I know that you have never been to very top level, it is normal that you have no idea about the gc drops of high level mobs. Sometimes a decent fighter can make over 500-600kgcs in a night WITHOUT killing any bosses. Few weeks ago Garen got 15 regs in one night and I got 6 rigs aswell, those make 400-500k alone without any gc drops so killing casty/bricker is really really really a very low portion of income of a top level player. If you don’t believe me, ask Cher. And I don’t even want to mention farming ice instances at all which produce alot of gc aswell, sometimes more than invasion, sometimes less than gc/hour on giants. Oh well, you can’t win everytime. Lastly, I’m sad to hear you lost a rosto on an invasion. I’ll be glad to cover a rosto for a friend like you anytime. You know, sharing is caring. Keep up good work on invasions, I hope more newbies join your invasions and they help them stick around. - Kaddy
  26. Control Rosto Prices

    Farming brickers and casty with brownie tokens has worked out good for you, I am so glad you have the gcs. This is what you've done to me personally: I DO NOT have rl $ to buy bricks from the shop. Spending money here is not an option. Pay the heating bill or buy bricks?? Since I cannot replace the brick I lost yesterday, I am unable to go to anymore invasions. By that same token, there are many people in the same boat. I'm not going to make an invasion that some poor slob like myself loses the equipment because he cannot buy a brick to cover. So until the prices come back down, if I make an invasion at all it will be capped at low levels with easy monsters and no bosses. good luck with all them bricks, I don't know what you'll use them for. I must add, the price from me for brownie tokens is 2 rostos or 300kgcs each.
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